Listen To This Year's Theme Song: Streets Filled With Talent

Streets Filled With Talent

Late at night the streets are wet
From the rain that came before the sun set
In the west, sending folks outside
To run and dance certified fun
Celebration all night long
We've got to make our mark
We're young not afraid to end what we've begun
So come on, let's go

Streets filled with talent
Kids on a stage
In an alley lit with neon
Their song once begun will not end

Is Holiday time just about toys
You can put on a shelf
For when you want to enjoy?
And getting all the things that you want?
We don't think so
We know who we are
And what we can be
We’re living a dance that will set us free
So everybody sing along
We want to hear your holiday song!

c. Ken Kelly 2011, 1992

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